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Because the truth is that the Jaguars play a lot putting Bortles to start. His contract for next year is $ 19 million, due to the fact that he has extended a fifth year to his rookie third-round first-round contract. These $ 19 million, however, are not insured; The Jaguars could cut him before the start of next season, in March 2018, and not a single dollar would count in his salary space.

The problem is that the 19 million are guaranteed in case of injury and that is why the franchise wanted to put Henne ahead of Bortles. Because if, as it seems, neither convinces them and neither is useful to the team, at least with the first you have no risk of eating you 19 million dollars in a single position for the next season, and knowing that no You love him

Very badly have had to see things with Henne to make this decision.

It is also true that this debate has become the trees that do not let the forest in the Jaguars . The receiver Allen Hurns, who renewed for 40 million dollars and four years, is in the transfer market; Cam Robinson, the left takle rookie, has shown signs of concern for the blind side of the offensive line; Malik Jackson, a man who should be key in the defensive line, walks through the lost field and with bad feelings; Myles Jack, a star-linebacker, does not seem to find his instincts to chase after the ball … the problems are crowded and not all have to do with the quarterback position.

That does not, of course, prevent us from pointing out that Doug Marrone’s management of the position is not optimal. Absolutely. His doubts are justified, but he has transferred them to the squad en bloc and has shown that he does not trust Blake Bortles at all and still remains in his hands face the beginning of the season.